setup.exe sucks

Charles Wilson
Tue Dec 7 20:38:00 GMT 2004

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I believe that it was always Robert's intention to work towards the use
> of a true package manager someday.  That time is now.  I can't take it
> anymore.

Perhaps it's time to begin work on a native port of rpm.exe -- but to 
avoid any "where exactly IS /var/lib/rpm before cygwin is even 
installed" problems, maybe winrpm.exe should store ALL of its stuff in 
HKCU somewhere.  /usr/lib/rpm/* and all.

And the installation database.

Once that's done, just like the console version of setup.exe preceded 
the GUI one, then we could talk about using a scripting language/GUI 
toolkit to drive the rpm backend...

Just a thought.  Using a native port of dpkg would work, too.


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