setup.exe sucks

Christopher Faylor
Tue Dec 7 22:28:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 03:25:11PM -0700, Warren Young wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>That's right.  RPM does not have Recommends, and that would be nice.
>>It isn't designed to be UI based, though.
>Is this a real problem?
>Wouldn't the eventual solution still have to have a setup.ini-like
>file, that at least lists all the available packages?  You can use that
>to add 'recommends' functionality on top of RPM in the UI.

Sure, we could do that.  We could also add our own variables to the rpm
spec files so that they could be queried later.  That would keep all of
the information in one place.


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