setup.exe sucks

Christopher Faylor
Fri Dec 10 00:53:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 05:37:08PM -0700, Warren Young wrote:
>Brian Dessent wrote:
>>The Cygwin DLL cannot be dynamically loaded AFAIK so that won't work.
>"cannot" is an overstrong word, I think.
>No, the deal is this: the maintainers of Cygwin have no interest in 
>showing how this can be done, because then you'll get a mess of people 
>complaining about problems when calling Cygwin from VC++ and such.  Not 
>to mention the licensing arguments that would result!  I side with the 
>maintainers on this, but for a good cause, I think the motivation to 
>overcome this objection would apper.

There is no ulterior motive to the LoadLibrary lack other than no one
has had any interest in making it work.  I actually took a half-hearted
stab at making things better almost a year ago, but judging by the
whines that still appear about this, I was not successful.

It once worked briefly after Mumit Khan showed interest and provided
source code but Mumit disappeared and the code quickly atrophied.

>>1. Query the service manager and enumerate all the services that have
>>cygrunsrv.exe as their target.  
>Yes, I thought of that, but it doesn't take into account things like 
>shell windows still running when you try to do an upgrade.
>Clearly stopping services is the most important thing, because there is 
>no visual representation of them.  One can't look at one's screen and 
>realize that there are users of cygwin.dll, like one can with a terminal 
>window.  But if one stone can get two birds...

I don't think you can make a value judgement about what's more important
services or running processes.  In my experience, I've had problems with

I don't know if there's any way to easily find out if a running process is
running as a service.  I guess you could make some judgement calls by
looking at the registry keys that cygrunsrv uses.

However, it is somewhat premature to be considering these types of issues,
IMO.  There's nothing wrong with still requiring a reboot in version 1.0
of the new setup.exe.  If the program is written correctly, adding this
in at at later date should not be a big deal.

I'd like to get to the point where we can make frequent releases if we
have to and maybe even have several maintainers who can make a release
rather than just one.


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