Peter Ekberg
Thu Dec 16 20:47:00 GMT 2004

cgf wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 03:29:28PM +0100, Peter Ekberg wrote:
>> Background: I miss DirectX header files. Slightly patched headers
>> from the Wine project works fine for me, so I submitted those some
>> time ago. However, they were rejected due to licensing issues (Wine
>> is LGPL, w32api is Public Domain). I then asked nicely if the Wine
>> developers would be so kind as to release the headers under a less
>> restirictive license. Not surprisingly, I didn't receive responses
>> from all contributors so that was a dead end.
> I sent your query to mingw-dvlpr.
> Here was the response:
>   On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 08:17:03PM -0500, Earnie Boyd wrote:  
>   >From Christopher Faylor: >> Is there really no hope of getting
>   these into w32api?   >> >
>   >Uhm, directx lives already in w32api.  See
> w32api/include/directx and
>   >w32api/lib/directx.  Patches to those should be submitted to
>   >

Tried that, no go. These files are, as stated, LGPL. They did
therefore not fit the bill. Looking through w32api/include/directx
reveals that the files provided by my package are nowhere in sight.
Also, I see no future in further discussions of these headers with
the MinGW folks, they will simply not accept them into w32api if
they are LGPL.

> So, a cygwin package would be inappropriate.

Yes, I realize that there will be a clash if this package is added
to the cygwin dist and if w32api in the future includes some version
of ddraw.h etc. But there seems to be no work in the latter

Some evidence of this inactivity can be found in this note in the
w32api TODO:

	Low priority
	directx (what about existing ports?)

Nothing is happening, low priority, patches not accepted and a
suggestion from someone (I think it was Danny Smith) that perhaps
a new package was needed led me to create just that, a new
package. And to propose it for inclusion.

I need working DirectX headers in Cygwin so that I can propose
a libggi package for inclusion.

But if you don't want the headers, you'll get no DirectX backend
in libggi, if/when libggi is added to Cygwin. That is a pity since
the DirectX backend is working like a charm on Cygwin.

Would the package be less controversial if the headers were
installed somewhere else? I can then point to them with the
ggi configure scripts. But that would be sad, since ggi would
then not work out of the box, as is the case if these headers
are in the "right" place.

Another option is to include "package local copies" of them in
the (future) ggi package, but that seems very unsatisfactory as
well. This approach also poses the same problem for ggi as it
does for w32api, as ggi then must be relicensed under LGPL, which
is something I want to avoid.

Is there some way to get DirectX headers into Cygwin without
adding them to the w32api package? Or should I just stop trying
and go away?


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