setup.exe sucks

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Thu Dec 16 21:30:00 GMT 2004

>> You do have to have something early on that bootstraps 
>> what you need, like setup.exe does now, but it could 
>> always install the cygwin first before it does
>> anything.

> Yes, once we had yum, we could almost have the unattended 
> install working.  Of course, you couldn't use yum to install 
> python or cygwin, as it stands right now.

So this idea just came to me and seems brilliant right now, but may
not be: what about making setup.exe do nothing except install a
bootstrap Cygwin including python and rpm database. After that yum or
apt-rpm or connectiva's thing would to the rest.

I see the advantages being: throw out the most confusing parts of
setup, but keep around a lot of bootstrap work. There would not need
to be any changes to the basic Cygwin install instructions (the "Use
setup.exe" mantra).

The existing problems with using Unix-based tools on Windows like
replacing files would remain, though.

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