[testpackage] gnupg 1.4.0-1

Volker Quetschke quetschke@scytek.de
Mon Dec 20 15:08:00 GMT 2004


as the new gnupg 1.4.0 version includes some major feature
changes, although it is expected to be fully compatible to
older versions, I decided to release it as a test package

See <http://lists.gnupg.org/pipermail/gnupg-announce/2004q4/000186.html>
for the official announcement.

Please upload.


The setup.hint changed because of the needed curr, prev and test
attributes, please update it also.


* This version includes gpgkeys_ldap.exe to contact LDAP-based
    keyservers. That requires also libopenldap2_2_7 and dependencies
    to be installed.
    *I didn't include this in the setup.hint*

* You find build instructions for a windows native executable (MinGW)
    after unpacking the source (see gnupg.README for details) in:

The source package contains the original's package detached gpg
signature of the author and detached signatures of the patch file
and the build/packaging script signed by me.


PGP/GPG key  (ID: 0x9F8A785D)  available  from  wwwkeys.de.pgp.net
key-fingerprint 550D F17E B082 A3E9 F913  9E53 3D35 C9BA 9F8A 785D
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