cygwin-apps link documentation unclear

John Sellers
Tue Dec 28 00:24:00 GMT 2004

At are the instructions for using the 
mailing lists.

The directions for cygwin-apps reads:

"cygwin-apps <>: a subscriber-only list 
for discussing packaging issues regarding applications that are 
distributed with the Cygwin DLL. If you are maintaining or volunteering 
to maintain one of the packages that is distributed with the Cygwin net 
releases you should be subscribed to this list. This list is intended 
for discussing solutions. It is not (with one exception) for bug 
reports, "it would be nice", or "how do I" type of musings. Do not 
subsccribe to this mailing list to ask questions about packages. Use the 
main cygwin mailing list for that."

"the main cygwin mailing list"  should be completely unambigous by using 
the exact name of the mailing list.

Example:  I was not 100% sure that "the main cygwin mail list" is the 
mailing list called: "cygwin". 

This seems obvious, but seasoned users forget that newbees do not have a 
common context with those who post these instructions and strictly 
speaking, the main cygwin mail list could be named just about anything.

Actually "the cygwin mailing list" would be better than "the main cygwin 
mailing list".

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