ITP: sgml-base-1.1

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Fri Jan 2 06:30:00 GMT 2004

This is a small package but one I hope will enable me (and perhaps
others) to contribute various SGML DTDs in a FHS-compliant way.
This is version 1.1-1 since there was a proposal about 2 years ago and
the 1.01-1 packages are floating around. 

It is mainly a single perl script, update-sgml-catalog, which comes 
from Debian's sgml-base package. It also includes text of the SGML/XML 
location proposals for FHS and LSB in the /usr/share/doc/sgml-base/ 
directory so maybe people can know why.

# sgml-base
sdesc: "A FHS-compliant foundation for SGML packages"
ldesc: "The sgml-base package provides the basis for SGML 
and XML packages.  Mainly this is the update-sgml-catalog(8) 
script to build the /etc/sgml/catalog system catalog. Please 
see the documentation and examples in 
/usr/share/doc/sgml-base/ for more details."
category: Doc Text 
requires: perl




My eventual plan with this is to:

1. Get the DocBook SGML DTDs and DSSSL stylesheets packaged in a FHS-compliant
way. (Also the XML and XSL ones, though Marcel Telka has already packaged 4.2
without the SGML catalog part. It would be great if this could be eventually
updated and moved to the FHS standard locations.)

2. Remove the old cygnus-based stylesheet references from winsup/doc in CVS
(db2html, etc.), relying only on the FHS-compliant DocBook SGML installation.

3. Package openjade and opensp. These don't build with gcc3 yet, so that might
take a while. This would allow users to build cygwin-doc with tools available
from the Cygwin net release (with the possible exception of the info manual).

4. Package a bunch of other DTDs like {X,}HTML, TEI, EAD and stuff like

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