ITP: sgml-base-1.1

Igor Pechtchanski
Fri Jan 2 23:45:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 1 Jan 2004, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:

> This is a small package but one I hope will enable me (and perhaps
> others) to contribute various SGML DTDs in a FHS-compliant way.
> This is version 1.1-1 since there was a proposal about 2 years ago and
> the 1.01-1 packages are floating around.
> It is mainly a single perl script, update-sgml-catalog, which comes
> from Debian's sgml-base package. It also includes text of the SGML/XML
> location proposals for FHS and LSB in the /usr/share/doc/sgml-base/
> directory so maybe people can know why.
> # sgml-base
> sdesc: "A FHS-compliant foundation for SGML packages"
> ldesc: "The sgml-base package provides the basis for SGML
> and XML packages.  Mainly this is the update-sgml-catalog(8)
> script to build the /etc/sgml/catalog system catalog. Please
> see the documentation and examples in
> /usr/share/doc/sgml-base/ for more details."
> category: Doc Text
> requires: perl

I think this is a good thing to have in the distribution, and thus it has
my (superfluous, as there are already three) vote.  Any particular reason
the catalog is in /etc/sgml, though?  IIRC, /etc is a "config"
directory...  Wouldn't /usr/share/sgml or something be more FHS-compliant
(like /usr/share/man or /usr/share/doc)?
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