Pending Packages List, 2004-01-06

Gerrit P. Haase
Tue Jan 6 22:07:00 GMT 2004

Hallo Daniel,

Am Dienstag, 6. Januar 2004 um 18:00 schriebst du:

> This is the list of pending packages as of Tuesday, January  6, 2004.


> Problems can be addressed either by announcing an updated version or explaining
> why the problem is not an issue.

>                             =======================
>                              Pending Packages List
>                             =======================

> Waiting for review: ploticus sgrep otcl tclcl rdesktop cabextract
> joe rxp dx GraphicsMagick emacro gtypist dhcp ccrypt
> xemacs-mule-sumo xemacs-sumo xemacs tree elinks openldap sgml-base

Review done: cabextract, joe, gtypist

> Waiting for vote[s]: ploticus otcl tclcl rxp dx GraphicsMagick
> emacro gtypist elinks libwin32-perl openldap (GAP) (ns)

Additional votes: I vote for gtypist and for openldap.

libwin32 has enough votes IIRC.

> With unresolved problems: rdesktop joe dx ccrypt elinks libwin32-perl

Seems that joe was already reviewed?

Review notes following inline.

> Package: cabextract 0.6-1  [2003-11-11]
> Description: Program extracts Microsoft cabinet (.CAB) files
>    Proposer: Jari Aalto
>    Proposal:
>      Status: Attained required 3 votes. Package available.
>    HOLD-UPS: No "good to go" review.

Binary package is ok.

Source package: The supplied script doesn't work as advertised:

$ ./ all
-- 2003-11-11 1.220
-- Wait, examining environment and preparing variables
./ line 491: [: -eq: unary operator expected
-- Extracting /jari/cabextract-0.6.tar.gz
-- Making Cygwin directories under /jari/cabextract-0.6
./ [WARN] No cygwin specific path src_patch [/jari/cabextract-0.6-.patch]
./ [ERROR] no /jari/cabextract-0.6/.inst/usr/share/doc/Cygwin.  Did forget to run [files] before [install]?

The patch is not found, the name is wrong.
configure runs in the source directory, not in the .build directory.
More errors.
Cannot rebuild the package.

> Package: joe 2.9.8-1  [2003-11-11]
> Description: Fast and simple editor which emulates 5 other editors
>    Proposer: Jari Aalto
>    Proposal:
>    Problems: 21943835id2597869 usr/doc should be usr/share/doc; usr/man should be usr/share/man
>      Status: Attained required 3 votes. Package available.
>    HOLD-UPS: Unresolved problems. No "good to go" review.

Binary package doesn't fit into the new doc files layout (usr/doc/
instead of usr/share/doc/ paths).
I do also prefer /etc/joe/... as path for the several config files
instead of /etc in my own Joe (Goe;) builds but this is not s
showstopper, also no showstoipper that the default config files are
written directly to /etc/ as already discussed before, the user may
always use her own config file in her home directory which overrule.

Source package:
According to the README:
Build instructions:
  unpack joe-2.8-1-src.tar.bz2
    if you use setup to install this src package, it will be
         unpacked under /usr/src automatically
  cd /usr/src
  ./ all

What happens is this
$ ./ all
-- 1.162
-- Wait, examining environment and preparing variables
./ line 276: [: -eq: unary operator expected
./ [ERROR] -r RELEASE option must be given.
./ [ERROR] See also -f SRC-FILE.tar.gz

> Package: gtypist 2.7-1  [2003-12-09]
> Description: GNU Typist
>    Proposer: Yaakov Selkowitz
>    Proposal:
>            Release directory (for use with setup.exe):
>   Aye votes: Igor Pechtchanski [1/3]
>              Dean Scarff [2/3]
>      Status: Package available.
>    HOLD-UPS: Not enough votes (need 1 more). No "good to go" review.

Binary package:

Postinstall out of date, use _update_info_dir package as requirement
in setup.hint.

$ cat etc/postinstall/
cd ${infodir}
for fn in ; do
  install-info --dir-file=./dir --info-file=${fn}

I don't know if this path is correct, I use joe or vi, never emacs:

Source package:
configure out of the source directory results in this error:
cat: No such file or directory

Besides that the script works a the binary & source package are

> Package: tree 1.4-1  [2003-12-18]
> Description: Recursive directory listing program that produces a depth indented listing of files
>    Proposer: Stipe Tolj
>    Proposal:
>      Status: Attained required 3 votes. Package available.
>    HOLD-UPS: No "good to go" review.

Binary package:

Manpage in usr/man, README in usr/doc/Cygwin. Binary works (just basic


Wrong paths are in the Makefile:
$ make install
install -d /usr/bin
install -d /usr/man/man1
if [ -e tree ]; then \
        install -s tree /usr/bin/tree; \
install tree.1 /usr/man/man1/tree.1

The latest version seems to be 1.4b3: 
it extracts into the directory tree-1.4, is this the same version?

> Package: openldap 2.1.25-1  [2004-01-02]
> Description: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol runtime
>    Proposer: Dr. Volker Zell
>    Proposal:
>    HOLD-UPS: Not enough votes (need 3). No "good to go" review.

No review, just my vote.


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