ITP: sgml-base-1.1

Gerrit P. Haase
Tue Jan 6 22:15:00 GMT 2004

Hallo Nicholas,

Am Dienstag, 6. Januar 2004 um 19:47 schriebst du:

> 2)  As I mentioned, I have a working OpenSP/openjade.  The main problem
> is the prolific use of that #%$@#^! broken g++ #pragma (the same one
> that breaks mysql builds) in OpenSP.  Also, there are some other dumb
> c++ style issues which cause gcc-3.3+ to choke (thanks, of course, to
> the anal standards people on the gcc steering committee).  Anyhow, I
> have a patch against the current openjade && OpenSP which resolve all
> these problems, fix some leaks, and produce a usable jade suite.

Can you send me your patches for openjade?  I tried to compile
openjade today but I'm getting errors.  I'll try to find a solution
for the #pragma problem and I need a testcase were it matters, the
MySQL server is up and running even when commenting the #pragma

> 3)  Someone has got to force our teTeX maintainer, Jan, to apply changes
> to the various TeX configuration files to make it usable with jadetex,
> xmltex, passivetex, etc.  The current defaults are way, way too small to
> handle the memory requirements needed for processing sgml/xml streams.

I beleive that this already was done. Jan?

> 4)  Another reason going with a more RedHat-ish layout is to make it

I don't care much about the layout, though I'm distributing the
packages once proposed by Jon Foster:
which are packaged in the debian way and which are using the debian
way to create the catalog.  They are a little outdated, but it was
really easy to setup a (partially) working docbook system with these
packages.  However I have always to fiddle around with something when
I try to build a new package which uses docbook for documentation, it
seems that every developer on this planet has his own docbook system
and there seems to be no standard. 

> 5)  Doing it the RedHat way enabled me to produce a system which could
> actually build our documentation using the db2* utils.  The cygnus style
> sheets are actually quite nice, once you get used to them.

I can build the docu, you can build the docu, Joshua can build the
docu, there are obviously several ways to do it, we should try to get
all our knowledge together and offer a package so everyone can build
the docu without the need to figure out how.

> 6)  You really shouldn't use update-sgml-catalog, it is preferred that
> one use:
> xmlcatalog --sgml --noout --add /etc/sgml/ 
> /usr/share/sgml/openjade-1.3.3/
> instead.  See the spec files for some of those packages to get the basic
> jist of the situation.

I agree in this point, though I have a working system with the old
fashioned Debian/Perl way and I'm using both.

> I don't consider myself an authority on the subject, but trying to get a
> perfected full blown docbook system has been a year-long project for me.
>   Sure it's easy to get a semi-working system, but trying to work out
> all the rough edges is a bit more challenging and required me to learn
> more about SGML/XML/DocBook then I would have cared to.  Anyhow, if 
> you're interested, I'd be happy to share my 
> patches/specfiles/procedures/pitfalls.  Please feel free to contact me
> off list...

That is why I'm interested in a one-size-fits-all solution, give me
some packages to build docu for cygwin, gtk-doc and debian/linux-doc
packages without fiddeling around everytime.  Well, at least we should
offer a set of packages to build cygwin from source, including the
docs, if there are changes needed in the source, lets change it, but
it should be possible to rebuilkd a complete Cygwin without using
external packages.


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