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Yaakov Selkowitz
Wed Jan 7 09:28:00 GMT 2004

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"Gerrit P. Haase" <> wrote:
>Hint: Charles Wilson has a ready to go help2man package at his testing
>site, this is also what I'm using, he seeks for a maintainer, it just
>needs to be rebuild with --prefix=/usr instead of /usr/local.

I remember you told me this before, and when I looked then, he had an 
older version posted.  See more below.

>And why are there difficulties to build it?  Strange, it is just a
>perl script, I guess the only thing the configure and make does is to
>alter the path to the perl binary in the script?

For the older versions (until and including 1.29) you are right.  
Beginning with 1.3x, a new component was added to add NLS.  This created 
two problems:

1) The Perl module Locale::gettext is required.  This does build by me, 
but until last week we hadn't dealt with distributing Perl modules, and I
wasn't interested in being the first.

2) The locale component (an .so) doesn't build:

$ make
perl help2man.PL
Extracting help2man (with variable substitutions)
gcc  -o -fPIC -shared hacklocaledir.c
cc1: warning: -fPIC ignored for target (all code is position independent)
hacklocaledir.c: In function `__open':
hacklocaledir.c:44: error: `RTLD_NEXT' undeclared (first use in this function)
hacklocaledir.c:44: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
hacklocaledir.c:44: error: for each function it appears in.)
hacklocaledir.c: At top level:
hacklocaledir.c:113: warning: weak declaration of `open' not supported
make: *** [] Error 1

So for a while I dropped this whole thing, but then I got stuck with 
packaging gtypist.  So after looking into it again, I found out that NLS
can be disabled with a configure flag, making it work just like before 
(with, of course, the newest version of the help2man script itself).

Based on this, I will be ITP'ing this shortly.

Thanks for your comments.

Yaakov Selkowitz
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