libwin32-perl-0.191 (ready for upload and testing)

Rafael Kitover
Wed Jan 7 22:31:00 GMT 2004

I've fixed the problems previously discussed on this thread in my
package. Although if anyone is willing to do a sanity-check, that would
be very cool.

-------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------

mkdir libwin32-perl

cd libwin32-perl
-------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------

Changes made:

* Man pages are created and gzipped (btw, thank you Dr. Zell for adding
my patch to man! :))
* Removed extraneous garbage out of package, like the empty
/etc/postinstall directory and some test files that got installed into
module tree.
* "mkpatch" now works correctly in the package script, doing a "make
distclean" beforehand so that there are no object files in the patch.
* The base module is apparently a compatibility module created by
the authors of Win32::OLE for compatibility with older ActivePerls. It
can of course be removed of renamed.
* Added test scripts into the appropriate
/usr/share/doc/libwin32-perl-0.191 directories as extra examples.


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