ITP: help2man-1.33.1-1

Gerrit P. Haase
Thu Jan 8 14:03:00 GMT 2004

Hello Yaakov,

> I would like to contribute GNU help2man to the Cygwin net distribution.

I vote pro help2man.

> Due to a problem in the code for the NLS component (hacklocaledir.c), I
> built this package WITHOUT NLS, through a configure flag.  If anyone can
> figure out how to get NLS working (see my response to Gerrit Haase a few
> minutes ago) please post to the list.

The problem seems to be the Linux PRELOAD feature which is used to load
the po/*.gmo at buildtime from the build directory.  I hacked the
hacklocaledir.c file so I could compile help2man with NLS option, but
I think the generated manpages and *.gmo are not valid.

The help2man feature `--locale=xyz' actually works though it is
configured with --enable-nls=no.  The help2man localized manpages and
LC_MESSAGES/ files are not installed though they are ready
compiled in the source tarball, maybe it is possible to modify the to install them whether or not NLS at buildtime is enabled?

However, using NLS with help2man requires the perl Gettext::locale
module to be installed, so it is IMO no showstopper to leave the
NLS stuff alone for now.


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