New package: gv-3.5.8-1

Harold L Hunt II
Tue Jan 13 16:48:00 GMT 2004

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 05:24:33PM +0100, Dr. Volker Zell wrote:
>>The gv-3.5.8-1 package has been added to the Cygwin distribution.
>>`gv' is a comfortable viewer of PostScript and PDF files for the X Window System.
>>It uses the `ghostscript' PostScript(tm) interpreter and is based on the classic X front-end
>>for `gs', `ghostview'. It is more comfortable and more powerful than `ghostview'.
> Volker,
> Did you see the bug reports in the cygwin mailing list?
> Subject: "Xaw3d.dll" required for "gv" is missing in the current distribution
> Is this a packaging error?

gv correctly depends upon Xaw3d, I just checked the setup.hint.

I believe I renamed the Xaw3d package a few months ago (it used to be 
called XFree86-Xaw3d), but I don't think that version had a .dll build. 
  Is it possible that this could cause trouble?


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