ghostscript cygwin file loading problems ...

B. Marchand
Wed Jan 14 16:41:00 GMT 2004

I've encountered this issue with several programs that try to use gs to 
load EPS files (such as xfig and xv). It seems that gs has some issues 
with file paths that have spaces in them. So, I can't open any files 
that are located under "Documents and Settings" because of the spaces. 
For instance, xv simply will not load the file at all. Similarly, xfig 
will allow me to insert the file but will not export it to any format 
because it cannot access the file path and, hence, does not recognize 
the file in the end. I am running version 3.5.8 at the present time. 
Even if I manage to save the file as a *.fig, when I try to load it 
later it says that the figure inside does not exist because it can't 
access the file.

I know it's not a problem with xv or xfig because I have no problems 
opening and inserting jpeg images from these same directories. It only 
happens when I try inserting EPS files.

I can't tell from the archives that this issue has either been 
documented or addressed before. Can anyone tall me if they can duplicate 
the problem? Try going into xfig, and inserting an EPS file. Then, try 
saving the figure and exporting it.

I'm not certain if this issue has been documented in the past or not but 
there it is. Hope that gets addressed at some point.

Thank you.


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