CAMP (was Re: HEADSUP: Apache maintainer wanted!)

Nicholas Wourms
Thu Jan 22 16:29:00 GMT 2004 wrote:

> On Jan 22 04:02, Reini Urban wrote:
>>Igor Pechtchanski schrieb:
>>><>.  Done. :-D
>>BTW: I hope you all know what "camp" originally means.
>>Originally a term defined by Susan Sontag for a special outrageous and 
>>overt style mainly used by gays. We often use it in discussion on films. 
>>("camp style" or "camp aesthetic")
> Wow, and I thought "camp" is originally a native english word, having
> the meaning of "a place where people stay in tents or other temporary
> structures".
> But I could be wrong.

Actually you are right, I don't know where people come up with this 
craziness, but camp has been in use for ages as a shorten form of 
"basecamp" and "campsite".  I'm quite certain that it was in use long 
before the word gay meant anything else besides "happy".


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