cygbuild as build script

Igor Pechtchanski
Mon Jan 26 13:54:00 GMT 2004

On Mon, 26 Jan 2004, Jari Aalto+mail.linux wrote:

> * Thu 2003-11-27 Harold L Hunt II <huntharo<at>msu<dot>edu> list.cygwin-apps
> * Message-Id: <3FC5A1DB<dot>9000108<at>msu<dot>edu>
> | Charles Wilson wrote:
> |
> | > Harold L Hunt II wrote:
> | >
> | >> 4) The script builds in the same directory as the source code.  I
> | >> don't like that.  I have not yet (I hope) released a package that does
> | >> this and I don't give good reviews to packages that do it.  If the
> | >> package fails to build out of the source directory, than you can
> | >> either use lndir or the similar but more portable suggestion that
> | >> Chuck Wilson had a few weeks/months ago (don't remember what it was
> | >> called).  If they cygbuild script doesn't yet support this, then it
> | >> isn't ready for prime-time and you should hack up one of the scripts
> | >> from another source package to do the job in the mean time.
> | >
> | >
> | > Disagree.  It is NOT a requirement that you must be able to build a
> | > package outside of the source dir.  *I* find it convenient to do so,
> | > solely because it makes it easier to generate a patch without
> | > build-generated files making a mess of it.  But that's an issue for the
> | > maintainer; if Jari has another system that works for him, let's not put
> | > barriers in his way.
> | >
> | > Jari's package: (1) distributes source (2) distributes a patch (3)
> | > contains a build script.  Except for the naming issues and worries about
> | > clobbering that you raise, his system looks like it satisfies the spirit
> | > behind our packaging guidelines.  That's enough for me.
> |
> | If cygbuild is going to ever be promoted as a build script, then it
> | should continue to support building out of the source dir, whether it
> | requires a flag (such as defaulting to not needing a hack and having a
> | flag that tells it to us lndir or a similar hack) or not.
> |
> | If cygbuild isn't going to have that feature, then I will continue
> | reviewing up to the point of everything being fixed expect for my niggle
> | above.  I won't give such a package a "Good to go".  That is my choice.
> |   Somebody else can pick it up and give it a "Good to go" at that point
> | if they want to, but my choice is not to do so.
> I'm back.
> After long sickness and new issues at work, I'm catching up messages
> in this list. If you haven't heard from me (personal mail addresses to
> me), don't be supprised. My account got hijacked by spammers and among
> other issues it took over month to set up all required filters in many
> sites I receive and forward mail. You may have heard the worms that
> included MTA coded in them.
> Harold and all, thank you for all the suggestions. All will be fixed
> soon and I roll out newly built Cygwin packages. I'll also add feature
> to build in separate directory if user requests it.
> Jari


Perhaps we could, in addition to (or, hopefully, even instead of) offering
a new package, merge some of the features people deem useful from cygbuild
into the generic-build-script?  That way, we have a more-or-less
standardized way of building packages, and reviewers don't have to learn a
new build system every time they look at a Method 2 package.  You're
welcome to use whatever build script you want, of course, but keep in mind
that anyone reading <> will be pointed to the
generic-build-script first.  ATM, I'm willing to look at small-ish (read:
incremental) or trivial (e.g., whitespace, or global search-and-replace)
patches -- perhaps later, when I have some more time, I'll consider more
advanced ones.
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