ddd-3.3.8-1 packaging error

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Tue Jan 27 16:52:00 GMT 2004

Brian Ford wrote:

> This is just a note to Harold so he can correct this error for his next
> ddd release (whenever that is).  Ddd is an X11 app, so it should be
> rooted in /usr/X11R6 rather than /usr.

I don't know if it is an error so much as something that I have been 
struggling with.  There is a general consensus in the X community that 
/usr/X11R6 needs to just go away.  I am trying to put as few new things 
there as necessary (if a package can be used at all without X, then it 
doesn't need to be there, IMHO).  Now, the real question is whether I 
made a conscious decision to root the package in /usr versus just 
forgetting to change it to /usr/X11R6?  I can't recall doing either of 
these... so I really can't say if I was being strong minded or forgetful :)


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