Pending Packages List, 2004-01-23

Rafael Kitover
Fri Jan 30 02:47:00 GMT 2004

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>Rafael Kitover wrote:
>> I got Locale::gettext packaged here:
>> If anyone wants to maintain it, just put your name into the README and send
>> an ITP...
>> If not, and it seems to be a good idea to anyone, I'll maintain it I guess
>Danger, Will Robinson!
>We really have not worked out how to manage "packages" that are perl

We've gone over most of this in this thread: 
And the following PPL thread: 

The packaging script I used is mostly the same as the one that evolved for
perl-libwin32 from those discussions.

>modules -- because perl maintains a database of installed packages, too!
>  So somehow, you have to
>   1) make sure you don't include that database file in the package --
>or you'll clobber the user's existing db.
>   2) figure out how to update that database via a commandline, and
>provide a postinstall script and preremove script that adds/removes an
>entry for your perl module

As far as we've seen, perllocal.pod is not used by any distribution, or by any
Perl users themselves, so we decided to simply not clobber it and leave it

>There may be additional issues, as well; this is going to take some
>work, and some time, to get right.   Thus, I don't think we need to
>delay 'help2man' in order to wait for these ripples to smooth out --
>help2man works _now_ without locale support.  Good 'nuf.

I'm not suggesting for one second delaying help2man, just that I made a package
of the Perl module to allow it to have locale support in a later update, if
anyone wants to maintain it.

>Once you've worked out the issues with perl modules/setup.exe and
>Locale::gettext is "good to go" then perhaps the help2man maintainer
>will update to use it.  But IMO there's no hurry there.

Another question is whether it's worth having this tiny package at all, but
having some sort of auto CPAN install mechanism might be too complicated.


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