New maintainer for cURL?

Ricardo Varela [phobeo]
Wed Jun 2 15:11:00 GMT 2004

hi Kevin,

I stated in a previous e-mail that I would maintain the JOE package
(haven't uploaded the definitive package yet because I've had some
extremely busy weeks, sorry). It's a package that updates quite rarely, so
I guess I'll have time for maintaining cURL too...

If noone volunteers, tell me and I'll take it


Ricardo Varela

> I'm no longer interested in taking care of the cURL package; are there
> any volunteers available to take my place?
> It generally builds 100% clean OOTB, so there's rarely any issue; I just
> lack the minimal time to keep up with it, and also lack the coding
> experience necessary should there ever be a cygwin specific problem to
> be fixed (or new feature to support).
> A rudimentary build target is in place in the upstream sources to handle
> building the Cygwin tarballs. It's not perfect, but it's use is
> documented in the package's cygwin README. That readme is also kept in
> the upstream sources, in a sub-folder named packages/Win32/cygwin/.
> The primary developer (Daniel Stenberg) is very active on the cURL
> mailing list, and is highly responsive when needed.
> He keeps a listing of all current builds, so in
> addition to uploading new Cygwin builds to, it would be nice
> to either load them onto, or at least let Daniel know about
> new versions at so he can link to them there...
> Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?
> Thanks,
> - Kevin

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