Please update: GMP 4.1.3 for Cygwin

Lapo Luchini
Thu Jun 3 12:59:00 GMT 2004

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Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

> I have uploaded the Cygwin version of GMP 4.1.3 now, do you want to
> fetch my patch and try to rebuild?  I changed some parts of the
> configuration stuff to enable autoreconf runs, so

I have a big of problems understanding a patch that contains also
autoreconf changes, but as my own release didn't have any patch at all
except from some diffs directly from GMP webpage (that would be included
in the version you used, I guess), I have no problems with that.

> it is needed to
> extract the source from /usr/src to apply my patch without changes, else
> you'll need to modify some hardcoded paths.

Strange, the patch doesn't seems to contain absolute paths to me...

> There is one changed C file,
> this is a patch from the GMP homepage.

I guess you're talking about this one?

(just to reference that in the README)


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