New maintainer for cURL?

Roth, Kevin P.
Thu Jun 3 16:49:00 GMT 2004

I've found a willing (and presumably able) volunteer. James Hu has
stepped up to the plate.

To answer his question publicly:

On June 03, 2004 at 4:33 AM, James Hu [] wrote:
> I volunteer.  A question below:
> In gmane.os.cygwin, you wrote:
> > A rudimentary build target is in place in the upstream sources to 
> > handle building the Cygwin tarballs. It's not perfect, but it's 
> > use is documented in the package's cygwin README. That readme is 
> > also kept in the upstream sources, in a sub-folder named 
> > packages/Win32/cygwin/.
> What sorts of fixups are needed to get the Cygwin tarballs "perfect"?

By "not perfect" I really just meant it's not 100% automated. 
E.g. there are better (more perfect) ways to handle building 
Cygwin tarballs. But it's been working OK for me, so I
didn't bother switching to a different option.

As the upstream sources (the documentation files in particular)
evolve, my method of building cygwin tarballs will require
tweaking (in the form of changes to the Makefile). To get
changes posted into the upstream sources, simply send a patch
file to the curl-users mailing list (

If you've installed the cygwin curl onto your PC, you'll find
the build instructions are spelled out step by step at:

In particular, I've specified how to build both with and 
without SSL libraries. I've also spelled out how to 
build the customized source tarball.

Note that the only version I ever upload to 
is the one *with* SSL. However, I always build *both* 
versions, and upload them both to 
(see below for details).

> Will you tell me how to upload the tarballs to Cygwin's package
> distribution site?

The method I've used in the past is this:

 1. Build the tarballs (both with and without SSL), 
    and upload them to
    (write to Daniel Stenberg at to request
    access, I warned him you're coming).

    There are a total of 4 (binary w/ SLL, binary w/o SSL,
    developer-libs, and finally a customized source tarball).
    You can see the filenames at:  (scroll to "Win32-cygwin")

 2. Wait up to 5 minutes for Daniel's scripts to find the
    new versions and publish them. (see the raw files at

 3. Write to the cygwin-apps mailing list, asking them
    to upload the new version of curl, and providing them
    with the URLs off of (see a sample msg:

 4. Wait until someone has handled that request (they'll
    email you when completed.)

 5. Announce the new version of cURL on cygwin-announce. See
    for a sample message.

- Kevin

p.s. This means Ricardo's offer "of last resort" is not needed 
at this time. Thanks anyways!



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From: Ricardo Varela [phobeo] [] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 11:13 AM
Subject: Re: New maintainer for cURL?

hi Kevin,

I stated in a previous e-mail that I would maintain the JOE package
(haven't uploaded the definitive package yet because I've had some
extremely busy weeks, sorry). It's a package that updates quite rarely,
I guess I'll have time for maintaining cURL too...

If noone volunteers, tell me and I'll take it
Ricardo Varela

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