My pending ITPs / votes & reviews wanted

Gerrit P. Haase
Wed Jun 9 10:32:00 GMT 2004

Hello All,

my pending ITP summary:

Not enough votes:

Package: re2c-0.9.1-1
Votes  : 1
>From   : Lapo <>

Package: libart_lgpl-2.3.16
Votes  : 2
>From   : Yaakov  <>
         Corinna <>

Package: libexif-0.6.9-1
Votes  : 0

Package: exif-0.6.9-1
Votes  : 0

Package: libwmf-
Votes  : 1
>From   : David <>

Package: libfpx-
         ITP from today, not archived yet.
Votes  : 0

Please vote and / or review.  I.e. libwmf is a big package with many
dependencies needs to be reviewed.

More ITPs to follow.  Looking also for helpers.  Target is to get all
(or most) base libraries into the net release so one could try to build
GUI applications that don't need a full blown GNOME desktop (e.g.
Abiword, DIA, GIMP, Gnucash, Gnumeric, Sketch, Sodipodi from or wvWare, Inkscape, Gnofract 4D,
Conglomerate, GtkAda, Terraform, Bluefish to mention just a few;) and on
the long end, to get a full blown Gnome desktop for Cygwin.

What is still missing is the base of most of these packages, glib/gtk+,
I've already finished the build of glib-2.4.2 but atk, pango, gtk+ are
pending.  I'll ITP these all together.  Good news is, glib builds with
minor tweaks and all tests but one are passing (including all threads
tests, the test that fails is based on fork() and I guess there is some
problem with the test, but not with glib or cygwin).

Should I send also a call for maintainers / contributors to the main


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