My pending ITPs / votes & reviews wanted

Gerrit P. Haase
Wed Jun 9 15:54:00 GMT 2004

Hi Yaakov,

> Have you checked out the CyGnome2 project at
> ?  Hansom Young has built all the core
> GNOME 2.4 libraries, along with a number of applications (some of which
> you've mentioned), and he has built test versions of glib/gtk+-2.4.  I
> have also built a few libraries, along with all the major language
> bindings, which are available at
> .

Yes, this was my starting point many moons ago;)  I'm targeting at some
major application at first, e.g. GIMP.

> In other words, you're not the first person to do this, so maybe it
> would be a good idea to draw on their experience (and maybe recruit them
> also)?

Thank you for volunteering!  As I stated already, I want to include as
much base / core libraries as possible into the net release so building
the GNOME desktop is just a matter of time.

What do you want to take over and maintain?

> | Should I send also a call for maintainers / contributors to the main
> | list?

> Good idea.  The GNOME desktop includes a TON of packages, and you're
> definitely going to need some help with all of them.  Unfortunately I
> can't guarantee ITP'ing anything until after the summer, but I'll see
> what I can do.

Probably there are already some packages which are ready to go, once
glib/gtk+ is available?

> BTW, did you think about how you're going to set this up?  While
> non-glib/gtk dependent libs can certainly go into /usr (i.e.
> libart_lgpl, audiofile, esound, etc.), I really like having
> glib/gtk+/GNOME in /opt/gnome2; as for the download server, I think
> everything for GNOME (glib-and-up dependant) should go into one
> subfolder, similar to X11, in order to reduce clutter.

I have no exact plan yet. This needs to be discussed.  Maybe a new
setup.ini category for the GNOME core?  Then a separate directory on the
mirrors as it is for X, yes I agree.  I don't know how they handle it
for Linux, finally it is not important where all the DLLs and libraries
are located, most if not all of the GNOME folks uses pkgconfig for this.

We could always switch any location with a new release of a package.

> Just keep the pace so we can keep up, okay? :-)

I will not always have so much spare time as the last few days.


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