[Cygnome2-devel] Re: My pending ITPs / votes & reviews wanted

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Thu Jun 10 07:48:00 GMT 2004

Hansom Young wrote:

> As to the prefix (/opt/gnome2 or standard /), .... headache
> If it's not /opt/gnome2, we have to rebuild most packages when we have glib2/gtk2 from
> Cygwin net release.
> What's the others' opinion? 

>>BTW, did you think about how you're going to set this up?  While
>>non-glib/gtk dependent libs can certainly go into /usr (i.e.
>>libart_lgpl, audiofile, esound, etc.), I really like having
>>glib/gtk+/GNOME in /opt/gnome2; as for the download server, I think
>>everything for GNOME (glib-and-up dependant) should go into one
>>subfolder, similar to X11, in order to reduce clutter.

I proposed allowing some packages (or groups, like gnome or kde?) to use 
/opt/<something>/ here:
   A Modest Proposal #1

While my "Modest Proposal #2" ("unsupported" packages distributed via 
the cygwin mirror system) was more-or-less rejected, the /opt/*/ 
proposal had no outright objections -- but neither did it recieve a 
resounding "Yes", nor the all-important imprimatur of the grand poo-bah.

Since I proposed it back then, I'm still in favor of it -- for limited 
use on a per-package explicit-approval-required basis, as is proposed 
for certain gnomelibs.


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