[HEADSUP] A new policy. First victim: Gerrit

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jun 10 14:15:00 GMT 2004

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I'll admit that the headline got me worried for a minute.  If you were
trying to get everyone's attention, I think you did a pretty good job. :-)

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

| we've been trying this 3 votes plus review game for a long time now
and some
| people have been packaging a bunch of packages for a while without any
| problems.  Gerrit is one of the people who's pretty active in adding new
| packages and his packages are known to be packed mostly correctly.
| While it's not overly difficult to get votes, it's fairly difficult to get
| a review.  So the idea is to ease getting new packages into the Cygwin
| distro for well known good packagers.

If I may say so, as a package maintainer myself, that unless I missed
something I've never seen *clear* guidelines for making a good-to-go
review.  One can always find problems :-) but saying about something
that it DOESN'T have problems is harder.  Having guidelines for how much
you have to test the package would make it easier to call it GTG without
feeling stupid later when a major bug arises -- either because you
didn't test that far, or because of some configuration issue that you
don't have, or... you get the picture.

| For a start, we (cgf and I, that is) grant Gerrit the right, to add new
| package to the Cygwin net distro without review and by just getting one
| vote, if nobody else vetos the package within a week.

If the votes aren't the problem, then maybe it should be like this:
either three votes without waiting, or if after a week there's only one
aye vote and no vetos.  If a package has three votes and doesn't need a
review, why should it have to wait a week?  Or is that what you meant?

| As a small payback it would be nice from you, Gerrit, to review ITP'd
| packages from other people.  Would that be ok with you?
| Since my subject refers to Gerrit as the *first* victim: We would like
| to give other contributors the same rights, but we also still need
| reviewing of other packages.  So we would like to introduce this small
| deal:  If you are maintaining at least three packages in the distro,
| you can opt for the right to get new packages in without review and with
| just one vote, if
| - you include a statement in your ITP along the lines of "I've
|   tried to install and use my own binary package and I did run through the
|   complete build process of my own source archive from scratch and it
|   worked fine."
| - you review another ITP'd package.
| Does that sound fair?

Alright, but I think this should be made clear when people become
review-exempt, coming from you and/or cgf, to avoid confusion.

( BTW, what's the story with the PPL's???  I haven't got any response to
my questions about this.  Is everyone in charge of tracking their own
ITPs now, like Gerrit has done? )

OK, let's see how this works out.


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