Gnome versioning issues [was Re: [ITP] glib-2.4.2-1]

Charles Wilson
Thu Jun 10 22:51:00 GMT 2004

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

> glib-1.x -> glib-<version>
> glib-2.x -> glib2-<version>
> Likewise, for gtk+:
> gtk+-1.x  -> gtk+-<version>
> gtk+-2.x  -> gtk+2-<version>


> I'd like to suggest that the names of library-only packages, like 
> glib/gtk+, be prepended with a "lib", so that they show up in that 
> portion of the full list and minimize confusion.  This would compliment 
> the current schema of packages like popt and iconv, which were prefixed 
> with lib for that reason.  I would further suggest appending [0-9] to 
> the name so as to prepare for any binary incompatibilities which might 
> arise.  So my final suggestion would be like so:
> libglib20
> libglib20-doc
> libglib20-devel

If that '0' is not part of the "official" upstream version number, then 
I'd separate it from the '2' with an '_'.  I went thru this with the 
bzip2 package...


But honestly, I don't think those last two are necessary.  But I could 
be wrong.


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