Gnome versioning issues [was Re: [ITP] glib-2.4.2-1]

Yaakov Selkowitz
Thu Jun 10 22:55:00 GMT 2004

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Nicholas Wourms wrote:

| I completely agree!  Both Debian and RedHat use some form of versioning
| to distinguish between the major releases.  This is a prudent model
| since both libs are still being used.

That's what I thought.  We should leave room at least for glib and gtk+.
~ The rest of GNOME may not be so important, and anyway IIRC much of the
GNOME naming itself changed between 1.4 and 2.x.

| I think using RedHat's naming conventions for the gnome packages ought
| to be a general rule of thumb.
|  So, using the RedHat model for glib:
| glib-1.x -> glib-<version>
| glib-2.x -> glib2-<version>
| Likewise, for gtk+:
| gtk+-1.x  -> gtk+-<version>
| gtk+-2.x  -> gtk+2-<version>

Looking now at Fedora's homepage, they have glib, glib2, gtk+, gtk2 (no
plus).  We've been using this naming style with CyGnome, and I happen to
prefer it.

| I'd like to suggest that the names of library-only packages, like
| glib/gtk+, be prepended with a "lib", so that they show up in that
| portion of the full list and minimize confusion.  This would compliment
| the current schema of packages like popt and iconv, which were prefixed
| with lib for that reason.  I would further suggest appending [0-9] to
| the name so as to prepare for any binary incompatibilities which might
| arise.  So my final suggestion would be like so:
| libglib20
| libglib20-doc
| libglib20-devel

I don't understand.  First you said that we should use RH naming
conventions, but these are *debian* names (libglib2.0-0, libglib2.0-dev,
etc.).  With the GNOME libraries, I don't think the versioning is so
important, as it seems they're trying to keep all the 2.x libs backwards
compatible to 2.0.  Anyway, most of the GNOME libs already start with
'lib'; at some point I guess we'll have to decide if it will be, for
instance, libglade or libglade2, libgnomecanvas or libgnomecanvas2, etc.

My vote: 'glib2' and 'gtk2'.


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