Generic build script instructions

Robb, Sam
Tue Jun 15 04:11:00 GMT 2004

Igor et. al.,

  Are there any instructions for using the generic
build script, aside from what's documented in the
gdb itself? I'm looking at using the gbs for a couple
of packages, and I'm trying to understand how it was
intended to be used.

  Right now, it looks like it's something like:

  1) Get source tarball (ex, foo-0.1.tar.gz)
  2) Rename GBS as appropriate (ex,
     (hereafter refered to as "gbs" for brevity)
  3) Use gbs to set up work area (./gbs prep)
  4) Configure (./gbs configure)
  5) Build (./gbs make)
  6) Install (./gbs install)
  7) Package (./gbs package)
  8) Repeat (4) - (7) as needed
  9) Generate a patch (./gbs mkpatch)
 10) Clean (./gbs mkpatch)
 11) Generate a source package (./gbs src-package)
 12) Generate a binary package (./gbs package)
 13) If everything looks right, take a deep breath
     and run "./gbs package all"

  Am I missing something?  I'm having trouble figuring
out where I should put the README file and setup.hint -
that should still go into the CYGWIN-PATCHES directory
in the main srcdir, from the looks of things.  Is there
anythign I've missed?


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