Generic build script instructions

Robb, Sam
Tue Jun 15 20:39:00 GMT 2004

> >   Are there any instructions for using the generic
> > build script, aside from what's documented in the
> > gdb itself? I'm looking at using the gbs for a couple
> > of packages, and I'm trying to understand how it was
> > intended to be used.
> There are some instructions for using the g-b-s and making 
> packages with
> it under the "Method Two" section of
> <>.

D'oh! Didn't think to check there - I searched through the
list for references to the gbs, found the instructions for
getting the template from cvs, and didn't think to look
elsewhere for instructions :-/

I'd suggest adding a "README", but I suspect that most
people find the gbs from the doc you cited, instead of
stumbling into it the way I did.



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