[ITP-2] glib-2.4.2-1

Gerrit P. Haase gerrit@familiehaase.de
Wed Jun 16 08:41:00 GMT 2004

Yaakov schrieb:

> Hash: SHA1

> Dr. Volker Zell wrote:

> | Hi Gerrit, during the build stage I get the following error:
> |
> | make[3]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/glib-2.4.2/.build/gobject'
> | echo "#ifndef __G_MARSHAL_H__" > xgen-gmh \
> | && echo "#define __G_MARSHAL_H__" >> xgen-gmh \
> | && ./.libs/glib-genmarshal --nostdinc --prefix=g_cclosure_marshal
> /usr/src/glib-2.4.2/gobject/gmarshal.list --header >> xgen-gmh \
> ~     ^^^^^^^
> This should be ./glib-genmarshal, the libtool script which takes care of
> all these problems.  I didn't see this because I had installed the
> binary package first.

> Gerrit, did you patch this?

No and yes, and IIRC, the script doesn't work because the libtool-devel
creates a dummy executable, so if there are glib-genmarshal and
glib-genmarshal.exe in the same directory, glib-genmarshal.exe will be
executed at first and since it is a dummy it fails.

I patched it to call the real executable.

Usually I use my patched libtool for this which basically skips the
dummy executable and links the real executable from .libs/ to ../.libs/ .


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