Request to publish subversion packages after self-review

Ricardo Varela [phobeo]
Mon Jun 21 11:56:00 GMT 2004

hallo, Max,

In my case it fails on "prep" step with the message:
Python check failed, make sure python is installed and on the PATH
(but you hadn't python listed in the "required" section on setup.hint)

Apart from that, for a client-only build it went OK

Ricardo Varela

> Morrison, John wrote:
>> Max Bowsher wrote:
>>> No one has reviewed my subversion source package, so I
>>> started tried to do it myself, by trying to build in a new clean
>>> minimal cygwin install.
>>> I found and fixed number of problems - mostly missing build
>>> requirements - and a final build in the clean environment completed
>>> OK.
>>> Therefore, I'd like to request that this package be
>>> considered self-reviewed, and so ready to publish.
>>> Max.
>> OK, I just built the source package.  It hung the first time, no
>> indications as to why :(
>> Sucessfully built the second time.
> I can't explain or reproduce the hang, myself.
> BTW, there are updated packages at
> Those are updated to the latest upstream release, and include a more
> complete list of build requirements.
> Max.

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