base-files request

Morrison, John
Tue Jun 22 07:39:00 GMT 2004

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Jun 2004, John Morrison wrote:
>>> From: Igor Pechtchanski
>> done < base-files-manifest.lst
>          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Shouldn't this be "/etc/preremove/base-files-manifest.lst"?

humm, prob, I didn't know where the script was run from, but
a full path would make that redundant.

> Also, why not simply

erm, cause I didn't know how? ;)

My scripting capabilities are not really *that* good, I just
hack up something which works; which is why I appreciate the
input from somebody better (ie you!) :)

> while read f; do
>   if /bin/cmp -s "${f}" "/etc/defaults${f}"; then
>     echo $f hasn't been modified, it will be updated     /bin/rm -f
>   "${f}" fi
> done < /etc/preremove/base-files-manifest.lst
> or even
> while read f; do
>   /bin/cmp -s "${f}" "/etc/defaults${f}" && \
>     echo $f hasn't been modified, it will be updated && \     /bin/rm
> -f "${f}" done < /etc/preremove/base-files-manifest.lst
>> but I'll add the test for diffutils :)
> No need -- it should be safe here.  You really need this test if you
> want to distinguish between "false" (i.e., 1..126) and "missing"
> (i.e., 127). 
>> This way the skel files will be upgraded in the same manner.
>> I have been wondering how best to release this, there have been
>> several patches to profile, but if I release a new package with the
>> new version of profile then the preremove script will never
>> upgrade... but how long do I (we? ;) give people to upgrade?
>> J.
> Maybe just add a note in the announcement (and, of course, the README)
> that if the /etc/profile doesn't contain any customizations, one
> should remove it before upgrading the "base-files" package to be able
> to get the latest versions in the future...
> 	Igor

OK.  I'll have to create the README - there never has been one!

Give me a few days and I'll post a test version.


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