Requesting vote / review for submitted package

Igor Pechtchanski
Tue Jun 29 16:45:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, Thomas Wolff wrote:

> > > I would appreciate further voting and/or reviewing to get this editor
> > > which works fine under cygwin into the distribution.
> >
> > OK this is a +1 vote and it does indeed work fine. However, there are
> > a couple of packaging issues.
> So that's 3 now, thank you very much.
> I will take care of the packaging issues and probably offer an
> updated package with my next release of mined.
> I'm still not sure: Do you comments count as a review as well or do I
> need an additional review?

That was a review, AFAICS.  You'll need another one that says "Good to go"
before the package can be uploaded.

> > *you have a (plain text?) file /usr/share/info/mined.hlp and I'm not
> > sure if this is a problem. I guess the update-info script only looks
> > for .info files, but it would probably be better to put it in
> > something like /usr/share/mined/mined.hlp or
> > /usr/share/mined/guide.hlp so it doesn't get lost in all the noise.
> I hesitated to create an application-specific directory for just one
> file but apparently that's OK and I will do it this way.

That's the purpose of /usr/share.

> > *the source doesn't actually create the Cygwin .tar.bz2 package, this
> > isn't a requirement but I believe it's relatively straightforward with
> > the generic-build-script
> What is the generic-build-script...

The generic-build-script is a template for package build scripts with a
uniform command-line interface.  It also takes care of some minor details
of the resulting package tarball structure, both binary and source, so
that you have more chances of getting a "good to go" review.  There's also
a generic-readme template for a Cygwin-specific package README.

> ...and where do I find it?

See the "Method Two" section of <>.  The
"example build script" link will get you the latest CVS version of the
generic-build-script.  The "generic readme" link will give you the
generic-readme template, also from CVS.  You can either use those links to
periodically update to the latest CVS (as we plan to add more features),
or stick with the current versions.

> And what make target would be expected to generate the binary package?

I think it might be worth for the following info to appear in the above
document as well...

The generic-build-script expects the default target in the Makefile to
build the whole package *outside of the source directory*.  It also
expects an "install" target that will install everything needed for the
binary package in the directory tree relative to $DESTDIR (I found that it
is usually necessary to modify the Makefile's "install" target to allow

You'll also need a working "configure" script.  If your package doesn't
have a configure script, you can use the "" script at
(just rename it to "configure").

If you have other issues with the generic-build-script, please feel free
to ask this list for help.  We also appreciate generic-build-script
patches that make it more "generic" (i.e., minimize the modifications
necessary for most packages).

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