joe 3.0 cygwin port

Ricardo Varela [phobeo]
Sun May 2 13:59:00 GMT 2004


I wrote to cygwin list to comment out that I had just ported joe editor
3.0 version to cygwin, and I thought it would be a good idea to include
it in the distro, as its many people's editor of choice.

Gerrit Haase pointed me to the package contributor's guide, and there
I've read its convenient to announce this kind of thing in this list, so
there it goes:

I have no problems in maintaining joe's package for cygwin. I've read
the guide and I'm preparing the neccesary changes to the sources in
order to have joe packages ready in the appropiate packaging format.

Here's a draft of the setup.hint file for public comments:

--- begin setup.hint --

# setup file for Cygwin's version of JOE
# maintained by Ricardo Varela - phobeo at ieee dot org
sdesc: "Joe's Own Editor - the world-famous Wordstar-like text editor"
ldesc: "Joe's Own Editor id a Wordstar-like console-based user-friendly
WYSIWYG ASCII-text editor. It is a common alternative in the UNIX world
to editors such as vi and Emacs. It includes syntax highlightning for
various programming languages.
You can visit JOE's project page at:
category: Editors
requires: cygwin terminfo libncurses libiconv

-- end setup.hint --

Please contact me if you think it's OK to include this package in Cygwin
and/or if any changes are needed


Ricardo Varela
phobeo at ieee dot org

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