[ITP] neon (A WebDAV library required by Subversion)

Eduardo Chappa chappa@math.washington.edu
Mon May 3 15:23:00 GMT 2004

*** Robert Collins (foorbcollins@cygwin.com.net) wrote in the c-apps list today:

:) > I disagree, and so does the neon website.
:) And you're both wrong. An Apple, A Car.

This is what my English grammar book says about this:

<paraphrased text>
A is used before words beginning with a consonant sound. An is used before 
words beginning with a vowel sound.

Here are some examples of where the rule applies:

An honor, an honest man (h is silent)
a used car, a university, a one-eyed man
</paraphrased text>

An http client seems quite reasonable to me.


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