[ITP] apr, apr-util

Max Bowsher maxb@ukf.net
Mon May 3 21:21:00 GMT 2004

Nicholas Wourms wrote:
> max wrote:
>> APR is the Apache Portable Runtime. APR-util is an addon package to APR
>> containing non-core useful features.
>> Both are required by Subversion.
>> I have prototype packages installed on my machine right now. I'll make
>> then apr-util, sequentially available for review once my previous ITP
>> has finished the review process. Meanwhile, I'm posting this ITP to
>> votes.
> Max,
> You are treading on another maintainer's domain,

Not at all.

> as the apr runtime is part of Apache2.

Part, yes. But a seperable and independently useful part.

> Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with
> Stipe's handling of apache, he's still the maintainer.

No argument.

> The last time I
> heard, Stipe was still fixing serious bugs with the Apache2 server,
> which I guess is why it isn't working yet on Cygwin.

Right, so it may be a long time before apache2 for cygwin arrives.

Why delay APR, just because a project it is closely associated with cannot
be made available yet?

If/when appropriate, I will cede maintainership.

> Since you can just as easily build subversion with a
> static apr, I don't see any need for this additional packaging.

1. Size - There are somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10 to 15 exes and dlls
in subversion - silly to bloat the package.

2. Libtool denys linking a shared lib with a static lib - quite rightly in
this case, since APR contains memory management code - duplicate copies of
which in a process could get very messy.

But most

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