A new method of storing package data base information, proposing packages, and announcing updates

Daniel Reed n@ml.org
Wed May 5 02:48:00 GMT 2004

On 2004-05-04T09:33-0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
) On Mon, 3 May 2004, Daniel Reed wrote:
) > Creating an initial ticket:
) >  Go to http://example.com/package-maint/, fill out form with information
) > and email address. ALTERNATIVELY: Send new-style setup.hint to
) > <package-maint@example.com>.
) Also, maybe the above address should be
) <cygwin-maint@example.com> (or <cygwin-package-maint@example.com>)...

Well, example.com would be cygwin.com :)

I didn't want to provide plausible addresses in the event someone scanning
through just picked the addresses and started using them.

As to restricting to cygwin-apps subscribers, I'd have to look into that. (I
don't have access to the subscriber list with my user account.)

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