A new method of storing package data base information, proposing packages, and announcing updates

Daniel Reed n@ml.org
Wed May 5 03:20:00 GMT 2004

On 2004-05-04T16:25+0100, Chris January wrote:
) It would be good if the site could subscribe to the cygwin-apps mailing list
) and parse replies to the initial announcement so they also got included on
) the website.

I've been trying to get something like that working during weekends more or
less since I came on. It's a hard task, especially since cygwin-apps
subscribers continuously devise newer and more interesting methods of
phrasing and formatting messages :)

Really, we'll just see whether that will really be needed. If people keep
sending oddly-formatted ITPs to the list and/or do not vote using the new
interface, getting package-maint to understand mailing list messages may be
worth sitting down and "doing right." I'm hoping package-maint's other
interfaces will be a great success and this won't be needed, though.

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