[ITP] apr, apr-util

Reini Urban rurban@x-ray.at
Thu May 6 13:15:00 GMT 2004

Max Bowsher schrieb:
> Reini Urban wrote:
>>Did I miss the url's for this cygwin tar.bz2?
>>People are already voting without any package to review?
> Correct, that's what I said in the paragraph you quoted.
> This is quite reasonable, as voting and reviews serve totally different
> purposes: Voting ensures that having a particular package in the distro is
> deemed a worthwhile idea. Reviewing ensure that the particular
> implementation of that idea is good.

Oops, sorry. I missed that.

>>Max, can you please post your apr and apr-util urls, so that I can
>>finish the svn src installation and check it. Or does apr*-0.9.4 compile
>>out-of-the box?
>>   ./configure --enable-layout=RedHat --libexecdir=/usr/sbin/
>>I assume.
> I made minor tweaks to convince libtool to build a shared library. Packages
> will be available shortly.


>>Dave's datadir defines --datadir=/usr/share, which should be /var/www.
> No. APR installs libtool and makefile fragments into datadir. Those do not
> belong in /var/www.


>>And as Max already said, Dave should fix his svn build to include the
>>server and clean up the build mess: autom4te.cache, fix the doc paths
>>and use the external neon built if found. Probably just the
>>--with-neon=/usr line is enough, to find /usr/bin/neon-config
> Actually, no option at all is required.

Reini Urban

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