[ITP] re2c (2nd try)

Gerrit P. Haase gerrit@familiehaase.de
Mon May 17 11:41:00 GMT 2004

Hello Max,

# re2c setup.hint
sdesc: "Tool for writing fast and flexible lexers"
ldesc: "re2c is a tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular
expressions.  re2c-based scanners are efficient:  for programming
languages, given similar specifications, an re2c-based scanner is
typically almost twice as fast as a flex-based scanner with little or no
increase in size (possibly a decrease on cisc architectures).  Indeed,
re2c-based scanners are quite competitive with hand-crafted ones."
category: devel
requires: cygwin


>> $ ./re2c-0.9.1-1.sh all
>> ...
>> lndir: not found

This should work now, with lndir or without lndir.


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