[ITP] re2c (2nd try)

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Mon May 17 16:25:00 GMT 2004

On Mon, 17 May 2004, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

> Hello Max,
> >> This should work now, with lndir or without lndir.
> > Umm... did you actually try your source package?
> > 1. lnconf.sh is not in it.
> > 2. You are using lnconf.sh incorrectly, such that even if I fetch a
> > copy of it, the build still fails.
> Hmmpf.  You're right, lnconf.sh doesn't work for me as I expect it to
> work,

Hmm, I believe I included the intended usage in the comment at the top...
I should have been clearer, I guess.

> I changed it.

Why?  Just rename it "configure" or create a symlink...

> And it is not included...
> I'm sorry.
> Another try (you'll need just to fetch 'my' lnconf.sh to run the build):
> http://anfaenger.de/cygwin/re2c/lnconf.sh

Just FYI: unlike the other templates (generic-build-script and
generic-readme), lnconf.sh is not intended to be modified for each package
-- it's a straight configure replacement for packages that don't have one.
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