Looking for new apache maintainer

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Thu May 27 16:47:00 GMT 2004

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> Perhaps this should be moved to cygwin-apps (which Brian, as all other

Been subscribed for some time now, and redirecting...

> maintainers, will have to subscribe to anyway), but one more point while
> we're on the subject of Apache: maybe it's time to revisit the apache
> postinstall procedure (both the rebase issue and the /var/www one).
> FWIW, one idea on the latter is splitting out the documents into a
> separate package (apache-docs?), installing over the manual, and using
> postinstall to set up the index.html.* files if they aren't present.
> This way, "cygcheck -c" won't be confused by the apache packages anymore.
> I can elaborate if there's interest.

Yes, I'd planned to redo all that.  The manual will go into
/usr/share/doc/apache so that it can be sanely upgraded, instead of in
the docroot next to the user's stuff.  Also use a postinstall to copy
over sample config if not exists, instead of this /etc/apache.new

The other thing that needs attention is this libphp4.dll and rebasing. 
It's really ugly currently: the dll is included in the package as
/usr/lib/apache/new/libphp4.dll and copied over manually by apxs in the
postinstall, which also tries to rebase.  Both will fail if there's an
existing (in-use) dll, and it also means the package manifest is wrong,
causing cygcheck to always report a broken package.  What I'd really
like to do is let setup.exe deal with replacing the dll if it's in use,
and relocate libphp4.dll before packaging to work with the default set
of libs so no rebase is necessary.  Then it's just a matter of adding
the LoadModule lines to httpd.conf in postinstall if they're not there


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