[ITP] bsflite-0.80

Jari Aalto jari.aalto@cante.net
Fri Dec 2 18:44:00 GMT 2005

Eric Blake <ebb9-PGZyUNKar/Q@public.gmane.org> writes:

| According to Jon Allen on 12/1/2005 2:20 PM:
| > I intend to package and maintain BSFlite, starting with
| > the most recent 0.80 release.  Unless anyone objects I'll
| > produce a package and make it available for inclusion
| > shortly.
| Per the directions here,
| http://sourceware.org/ml/cygwin-apps/2005-11/msg00035.html, could you
| please also do the research and post links to at least one Linux distro
| that already includes this?


I tried the bslite and my impressions:

* it's light, very light[1]
* simple command line interface [2]
* Clean compile, no warnings at all[3]

+1 from me.




:: ?
bsflite commands:
   h            : what you see right now
   w            : show buddy list
   ws           : show buddy list, sorted (default)
   wf           : show buddy list, unsorted
   l<sn>        : show last 10 lines from <sn>
   ll           : show last 10 lines from last buddy
   m<sn> <msg>  : send msg to sn
   r<msg>       : reply to the last msg received/sent
   a<sn>        : add buddy
   d<sn>        : delete buddy
   g<msg>       : set away message
   g            : unset away message
   G            : display pre-defined away messages
   G<num>       : set pre-defined away message
   i<sn>        : get profile and away message
   A<sn>        : get away message
   P<sn>        : get profile
   b            : show away messages for all buddies
   q!           : quit

ccache gcc -O   -c -o misc.o misc.c
ccache gcc -O   -c -o packet.o packet.c
ccache gcc -O   -c -o flap.o flap.c
ccache gcc -O   -c -o bos_signon.o bos_signon.c
ccache gcc -O   -c -o imcomm.o imcomm.c
ccache gcc -O   -c -o snac.o snac.c
ccache gcc -O   -c -o md5.o md5.c
ccache gcc -O   -c -o test.o test.c

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