Please *wait* before sending cygwin-announce messages

Harold L Hunt II
Thu Dec 8 01:10:00 GMT 2005

Christopher Faylor wrote:


> Please *do* send your upload announcements here, but just the raw facts,
> please, no descriptions of why you are updating or what the new features
> are.  Just URLs are all that is required.


Let me see if I am reading this correctly:

When sending a message to cygwin-announce, it should not contain any 
information about the motivation for the update (e.g. sync with upstream 
or Cygwin-specific bug fix), nor should it contain a list of features 
and/or bug fixes?

When you say "just URLs are required", did you mean to say "if the 
information is available on the web (e.g. on an upstream project web 
page), just include a URL instead of copying and pasting"?  I can agree 
with that, that would cut out a lot of information that is available 

But the lack of a description of the motivation for the update seems a 
little odd, that information is simply not available elsewhere.

Did I misread the request?


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