[ITP] cadaver: Command-line WebDAV client

Robb, Sam sam.robb@timesys.com
Thu Dec 8 07:29:00 GMT 2005

> Nobody, who wants to review this package ?

OK, I'll do my maintainerly duties :-)

Downloaded, unpacked, and checked it out - everything seemed to
work fine.  Was able to build the package from source without
any problems as well.


My only concern is that I'm seeing the following message whenever
I attempt to connect to the WebDAV server I was using for testing:

  WARNING: Untrusted server certificate presented for `*.timesys.com':
  Issued to: TimeSys Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
  Issued by: ServerSign CA, GlobalSign nv-sa, BE
  Certificate is valid from Apr 22 06:16:06 2005 GMT to Apr 22 06:16:06 2006 GMT
  Do you wish to accept the certificate? (y/n) 

When I'm using cadaver 0.22.2 on Linux (FC4, Gentoo) I don't get
this message.  Additionally, even if I say that I wish to accept
the certificate, the next time I start cadaver I will be asked
the same question :-/


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