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Dr. Volker Zell
Thu Dec 8 11:23:00 GMT 2005


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mkdir xpdf
cd xpdf

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An open source viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files.


 * Routine update

 * Incorporated 1 security patch from the xpdf homepage

  Added the continuous view mode, including the '-cont' switch and the
    'continuousView' config file option.
  At high zoom levels, don't rasterize the entire page - this avoids
    problems running out of memory.
  Added "search backward" and "match case" options to the find dialog.
  Support explicitly masked images and soft masked images.
  Add support to DCTStream for 16-bit quant tables.
  Don't segfault if the user clicks on an outline entry with a broken
  Changed the makefiles and configure script to skip building pdftoppm
    (in addition to xpdf) if X, Motif, or FreeType is not found; changed
    the error message in the configure script to match.
  Move an inline function in to avoid compiler
  Fixed a bug in the rasterizer that was sometimes causing infinite
    loops with round line caps on vertical lines.
  Various rasterizer optimizations.
  Look for intermediate resize events - try to avoid lagging when the
    user is doing an opaque resize.
  The FormType key in Form XObjects is optional.
  Handle external 16-bit TrueType fonts correctly, using the Unicode
  Add class declarations to TextOutputDev.h to work with stricter C++
  Support FreeType's weird include file stuff (ft2build.h, etc.).
  Fixed a bug handling empty paths.
  Fixed a text positioning problem in PostScript output.
  Handle TrueType collections in
  FoFiTrueType constructor was reporting a failure if the post table was
    bad - this should be non-fatal.
  Type 1 font parser was missing a NULL test.
  Mask chars passed to isdigit in goo/parseargs.c to avoid problems with
    signed chars.
  Added more error checking to the CCITTFax decoder.
  Fixed a bug (computing the MCU size) in the DCT decoder.
  Change a test in the Splash stroke code to avoid x86 floating point
  Reorganized the decryption code to allow security handler plugins;
    removed the NO_DECRYPTION #ifdefs.
  Added a plugin interface, initially just for security handlers.
  Support color key masked images and explicitly masked images in PS
    output (Level 2 only).
  When checking for aliases of the Base 14 fonts, ignore spaces in the
    specified font name.
  Handle encrypted PDF files that are missing the file ID string.
  Handle tiling patterns more efficiently in the PostScript output.
  Rewrote the code that handles color spaces in PostScript output.
  Fixed a bug in the Type 1C font parser - zero-length indexes (and
    zero-length names) weren't handled correctly.
  Handle shaded fills more efficiently in the PostScript output.
  Implement the remaining shading types (4-7).
  Rearranged the Splash color modes.
  Add the EarlyChange parameter to LZWStream when generating PostScript.
  Check for zero values in line dash arrays in PSOutputDev.
  Fixed an uninitialized variable in JArithmeticDecoder which was
    causing crashes.
  Treat unknown CMap names as identity mappings (to match Adobe's
  Fixed bugs in the XRef parser related to XRef streams in updated
  Added a missing call to FT_Done_Glyph which was causing a memory leak.
    [Thanks to Dave Formanek.]
  Fixed a bug in text copying that was causing the last word to be
    dropped on some pages.
  Tweaked the image width/height computation in Splash::drawImage and
    Splash::fillImageMask to make striped images work better.
  Ignore minus signs in the middle of numbers (to match Adobe's
  Missing '%s' in format strings for dates in pdftotext '-htmlmeta'
  Change the TrueType code-to-GID mapping code so it looks at the
    standard name-to-Unicode mapping before the ToUnicode mapping
    defined in the font object.
  Added a matteColor setting (command line option and X resource).
  Tweaked the CMYK->RGB transform.
  Fix some problems in tracking the character position (to match up with
    Adobe's highlight file format).
  Handle moveto/closepath/stroke correctly.
  Check for singular text matrices and font size of zero in PSOutputDev.
  Clip PS output to the size of the page (avoiding any gibberish that
    lies outside the MediaBox, in the case where the MediaBox is smaller
    than the paper).
  If the line dash element in an annotation's Border array is of an
    invalid type (i.e., not an array), don't draw the link at all (this
    matches Adobe's behavior).
  Don't remap small caps and oldstyle glyphs in the name-to-Unicode
    table - it messes up TrueType font encodings.
  Pdftoppm wasn't setting the paper color correctly in mono and gray
    modes (this only showed up on big-endian machines).
  Missing NULL check was causing crashes when attempting to read non-PDF
    files that happened to contain the string '%PDF'.
  Fixed a problem in the text extractor that was breaking up words.
  Handle vertical text (CJK fonts) in PS output with TrueType fonts that
    are missing the vertical metrics tables.
  Handle the case where a font object and the corresponding embedded
    font are different types.
  Handle basic crypt filter functionality.
  Added more value checking in the XRef parser, to avoid potential
    security problems.
  Updated the CJK language support packages: replaced the
    displayCIDFontX references with displayCIDFontTT; added pointers to
    free TrueType fonts.
  Added a missing error message when SplashOutputDev can't parse an
    embedded TrueType font file.
  PDFCore and TextOutputDev now correctly handle searching for Unicode
    strings, including real Unicode case-folding.
  Throw away tiling pattern fills that are completely outside the clip
  The JPEG 2000 inverse reversible multiple component transform code was
  Fixed some bugs in shading pattern fills: clipping was wrong, and
    background color was not implemented.
  Added tool tips for the toolbar buttons.
  Decrease the max depth of recursive patch mesh filling if the pattern
    has a large number of patches.
  Highlight the find text whenever the find dialog is mapped.
  Handle page boundary boxes with reversed coordinates.
  Fixed a bug in the text extractor code that handles duplicated text.
  Optimization work on SampledFunction::transform().
  Use the CropBox instead of the MediaBox as the display region.
  Dither for PseudoColor (8-bit) displays.
  Fix a bug in DCTStream that was causing an infinite loop with
    corrupted DCT image data.
  Fix a bug in the ToUnicode CMap parser.
  Fix a bug in the text extractor - negative font sizes weren't being
    handled correctly.
  Fix a bug in the text extractor - in certain cases, out-of-bounds text
    could cause crashes (generally only in damaged PDF files).
  Fix a read-past-end-of-array bug in the JBIG2 decoder.
  Fix a case where pdftops was generating lines longer than 255 chars.
  Optimize redraws - don't regenerate the XImage every time redrawRect
    is called.
  The ASCII85 decoder wasn't skipping whitespace properly.
  Optimize text extraction: skip (non-inline) image setup entirely.
  Added initial transparency support (stroke/fill alpha and blend mode).
  Added support for the overprint setting in PostScript output.
  Fixed various buffer overflow bugs.
  Handle negative font sizes and horizontal scaling correctly - this
    affected PSOutputDev for all text operators, as well as the TJ
    operator for all OutputDevs.
  Fixed a buffer overflow in the CCITTFax decoder.
  Fixed an out-of-order entry in the list of font name aliases.
  Fixed a backward loop in the PostScriptFunction code.
  Treat a zero-length base URI the same way as a nonexistent base URI.
  Add a divide-by-zero check in TextOutputDev (the problem was happening
    in cases of mixed horizontal and vertical text).
  PSOutputDev wasn't rounding the page bounding box coordinates
  Support the SOF1 marker in DCT (JPEG) image streams.
  Minor changes to GlobalParams.h and JPXStream.h because some compilers
    don't like anonymous structs inside anonymous unions.
  Xpdf now complains about a negative page number.
  Changed GString::cmp and GString::cmpN to correctly handle '\0' chars
    in the middle of strings.
  Corrected the handling of the 'extend' parameters in radial shadings.
  Added the gmallocn and greallocn functions.
  Fixed a bug in the TIFF image component predictor which shows up with
    components that are not 1 or 8 bits wide.
  Optimized FlateStream::loadFixedCodes().
  For non-embedded Base-14 fonts, don't use the ascent/descent/bbox
    values from the FontDescriptor - various PDF generators get them
  Fixed a bug in the text extractor - words on the same line (especially
    in tables) were being split vertically onto multiple lines.
  Automatically select the correct radio button ("print with command"
    vs. "print to file") in the print dialog.
  Don't create the "open" and "save as" dialogs until needed - this
    avoids stat-ing every file in the directory at startup.
  Changed the Big5 and Big5ascii encodings (in the traditional Chinese
    language support package) to include characters from the Unicode
    database (which aren't mentioned in the Adobe character collection
  Added the '-pagecrop' switch to pdftops.
  Tweaked the RGB->gray and CMYK->gray conversion functions to match the
    PDF spec.
  The JPEG 2000 decoder wasn't correctly handling codeblocks split
    across multiple packets/layers.
  Fixed a typecast that caused compile errors on 64-bit systems.
  The CMap parser wasn't handling the 'cidchar' construct.
  Handle the case in PSOutputDev where two font objects refer to the
    same embedded 16-bit TrueType font, but with different CIDToGIDMaps.
  Changed the configure script to report more accurate warnings when
    it can't find X / Motif / FreeType.
  Encryption with revision=2 always uses a 40-bit key, regardless of the
    specified Length value.
  Yet another minor change to the TrueType font encoding deciphering
  Don't completely invalidate the Catalog if one (or more) of the page
    objects are bogus -- just skip over those pages.
  Removed the workaround in pdftops for too-small Length2 values in Type
    1 fonts -- it was causing problems on various PostScript printers.
  Started adding error checking to the JBIG2 decoder (this is nowhere
    near complete yet).
  Extended the "unicodeToUnicode" config option to also apply to CID
  Added the narrow Latin characters to the Adobe-Korea1.cidToUnicode
    file in the Korean language support package.
  Fixed the code that handles page rotation in PSOutputDev.
  When converting a Type 1C glyph to a Type 1 glyph, insert closepath
    operators as appropriate.
  Check for a sane 'loca' table in TrueType fonts (FoFiTrueType::parse).
  Fix PSOutputDev to correctly handle the case of an empty name in a
    font encoding.


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