Please *wait* before sending cygwin-announce messages

Reini Urban
Thu Dec 8 14:41:00 GMT 2005

Christopher Faylor schrieb:
> I've noticed a new trend recently with package maintainers sending their
> cygwin-announce messages before they have been notified that the package
> has been uploaded.
> Please don't do that.

Sorry, will not happen again.

> Please *do* send your upload announcements here, but just the raw facts,
> please, no descriptions of why you are updating or what the new features
> are.  Just URLs are all that is required.
> IF the package has subdirectores and if you can duplicate the layout of
> the release directory where the package resides that would be useful
> too.  It means that we can just use wget to download the package
> directly.
> When someone informs you that the package has been updated, *then* send
> an announcement to cygwin-announce.  As always make sure that you
> include details about how to unsubscribe in your message.

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