Needing a debug version of setup.exe

Doug Wyatt
Fri Dec 9 23:26:00 GMT 2005

I'm trying to obtain a version of setup.exe that I can
use with insight/gdb to investigate a problem with a
Cygwin repository created within our Company's LAN.

Since I recently updated our repository, setup.exe just
crashes.  This is with setup.ini created with the last
original Upset from the infra directory, also with a more
recently acquired upset (v1.0.5, slightly modified to
fix some category related problems).

I've tried to acquire Setup source from cvs, with variations
on the following, over the last few weeks:

$ export
$ cvs login
  Logging in to
CVS password: [anoncvs]
  cvs [login aborted]: connect to
  failed: Connection timed out

$ cvs -z3 -d \
  checkout setup
cvs [checkout aborted]: connect to
  failed: Connection timed out

Has something changed with respect to cvs access to Setup.exe
source code, or is this a manifestation of my cvs cluelessness?

Can someone please tell me how to get the Setup source code
for the current stable version?


Doug Wyatt     <>
Sys Admin - Kohlman Systems Research, Inc.
319 Perry St.,  Lawrence,  KS  66044   USA
Phone: 785-843-4099      Fax: 785-843-6459

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